- Wednesday 26 July 2017

Kowloon means “Nine Dragons". It was originally a famous site for a walled fort. Now it is a large peninsula on the Chinese mainland, north of Hong Kong Island which has been part of Hong Kong since 1860.

Kowloon Weather

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Kowloon Attractions

Wong Tai Sin Temple
Quarry Bay Train has a direct access to the temple. Located within the premises is a hermit, known by the temple name, makes future predictions using his powers. Other fortune tellers are also in there business around the temple so it has become most popular and frequent visiting place.
Nathan road
Golden mile of Kowloon. It consists of luxury hotels, lots of shops, fast food stalls, shops of fake replica watches, electronic and jewellery shops, restaurants and other indescribable delights. While enjoying all the places you can go to Kowloon Park which is on the way of Nathan road to refresh your mood from noisy and busy streets outside.